4 Facts You Need To Know Before Creating a Free Online Store

Selling online is no longer a myth. More shoppers are turning to the online store in case they need a product or a service. Particularly, the USA and Canada are among the leading countries in the globe where online shopping is growing at an amazing rate. With the digitization evolution, creating an online store is not a choice among many. For you to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must focus on virtualizing your business. Going online can be a hard tackle.
As a startup, raising fee for hosting and building an e-commerce website can be a challenge. However, with modern technological advancement, a large number of the platform that allows you to create free online stores are available. But before deciding to lounge your store on them, here are four facts you should know about the freemiums:

Limited customizations

To stand out in the virtual arena, you need an opportunity to design your site or online store and make it attractive. Hence, you require unlimited customizations. However, the freemiums comes with a number of limitations. For instance, you cannot introduce external themes or templates in some platforms. You can only use the ones availed. As such, it is hard to have a distinct store since your favorable template might be somebody else preference.

The limited customizations limit you from aligning your store with your desires or customer preferences. Hence, if you want additional features or premium customization, you either have to subscribe to the pro option or move to a new platform offering them.

Building your brand is difficult

Certainly, your sole purpose for launching an online store is establishing a long-lasting brand. You want to build a reputation that will remain in your targets for a longer duration. However, creating a free online store has several limitations in terms of building your brand identity.

The fact is that the hosting provider uses you as their marketing agent. Hence, it is hard to separate your store into the platform it is built on. As you try to build your brand, the customers are viewing your site as a subsidiary of the host. So, if the host has a terrible reputation, you become a victim of the same. For this reason, to establish your store brand can only happen in a dream.      

Limited integrations

A business is a combination of various systems. The systems must work together to achieve your goals. In this era, integration is a central requirement if your online store will succeed. You need to integrate your digital store with social pages, inventory management, CMS, and payment gateways. Going for the freemium, you only get limited integrations. For instance, some platforms do not allow you to add a third-party payment gateway.

By this, it limits the customers who can buy from you. If a customer cannot use the presented payment in your platform, it will be hard to win a sale. Also, the limited integrations hinder you from making your site customer friendly as you cannot tweak it or add other tools to enhance your customer services. However, you need to know it is a free option and its purpose is to help you get your foot in the virtual market.

Zero customer interaction

Customer engagement is the key to modern business success. For you to succeed, you must interact with your customers to understand their needs and preferences. By this, you will develop customer-oriented products and services. When you create a free online store, you may miss such an opportunity.  Most freemiums do not offer features or platforms for reaching out to the customers for feedback and comments. Hence, getting customers idea can be a hard tackle.

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